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I do sym­pa­thise with PUB, whose writ­ing I admire, on the prob­lem of ad­vanc­ing years. Even my old Jawa 350 is get­ting heav­ier by the day. I’ve found two so­lu­tions. One is to put a chair on my newer Jawa. Fil­ter­ing aside, I find it much more fun to ride and so con­ve­nient to throw in ex­tra cloth­ing, etc. I think the PUB Vin­cent would go well with a chair. At least Jac­que­line can ad­just the steer­ing ge­om­e­try which you can’t do on a Jawa.

My sec­ond solution is to res­ur­rect my Mo­belette but here I hit a snag. My moped had been off the road for four years and I found ar­eas of rust in the tank. At least AJS Mary could re­move the tank of her Rex-Acme for treat­ment but the tank is the frame on the moped so not so easy.

Af­ter fruit­less pok­ing about, and turn­ing good petrol into woomph mix­ture for the Novem­ber 5th bon­fire by flush­ing the tank out, I de­cided on chem­i­cal war­fare. I didn’t fancy coat­ing the inside with any of the avail­able treat­ments as I didn’t think I could get the sur­face clean enough and I couldn’t see far enough inside to check. In­stead I washed it through with hot wa­ter and de­ter­gent fol­lowed by a soak in a cit­ric acid solution.

Hav­ing no idea of solution strength re­quired I tried half a kilo of cit­ric acid crys­tals in a gal­lon and a half of wa­ter. I re­peat­edly drained the tank, fil­tered out the rust flakes and put the acid back in. Af­ter four days it stopped cough­ing up rust and I care­fully flushed it with the gar­den hosepipe. I should add that that dur­ing the soak I ag­i­tated the acid with a large, coarse bot­tle brush which I ex­tended to reach the bot­tom of the tank.

Af­ter treat­ment the inside of the tank is rust­free as far as I can see and has a healthy-look­ing grey sur­face.

Good luck to AJS Mary Jim Lugs­den, mem­ber

That tank-flush­ing rou­tine sounds splen­did – do let us know how it works out af­ter you’ve run the Mobylette for a while, Jim. And I reckon you’ve cracked it with a lit­tle light­weight; I’m get­ting on splen­didly with my 9.75bhp Honda. I suspect a nice Ban­tam would suit Jac­que­line down to the ground. Wouldn’t it, J? Jac­que­line? Hello? Rowena

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