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Perhaps read­ers could sug­gest (or own up to) worth­while tips on how to bet­ter use ev­ery­day house­hold prod­ucts / fa­cil­i­ties to make our lives eas­ier in the work­shop. Equally im­por­tantly, how to get away with do­ing this with­out be­ing caught out!

We all know about putting bear­ings in the freezer and en­gine/gear­box cast­ings in the oven, but there must be a myr­iad of other tips out there. My own sug­ges­tions are:

Use the dish­washer to clean cast­ings, although I per­son­ally have never been brave enough to do so.

Cling­film has var­i­ous uses in­clud­ing keep­ing things clean and in place.

Used kitchen roll card­board cen­tres: wrap spare gas­kets around them (se­cured with cling­film) for safe­keep­ing.

Take­away food con­tain­ers make ex­cel­lent stor­age boxes, while alu­minium foil con­tain­ers can be bent to shape for oil re­cep­ta­cles dur­ing oil changes.

Lady’s tights make ex­cel­lent fil­ter ma­te­rial (trust me on this one!)

Nail var­nish re­mover makes short work of clean­ing old gas­ket sealant from joint faces.

A do­mes­tic hairdryer makes a good sub­sti­tute for a hot air gun (but not the other way around!)

These are just a few quick thoughts. I know there are many more out there. So come on chaps, let’s hear them. Keith Bellinger, mem­ber 4871 I’ve been en­joy­ing brush paint­ing for a few years, and most im­por­tant is the brush qual­ity. The usual ad­vice is to buy best qual­ity Har­ris bris­tle brushes – for­get it! All dec­o­rat­ing grade brushes are far too coarse and will leave brush marks. Try high qual­ity wa­ter­colour artist’s brushes. You need brushes with hairs, not bris­tles. It’s strange that there is no stan­dard brush grade sys­tem, BPI; Bris­tles Per Inch, or HPI.

I never strip old paint back to metal un­less the old/new paints are in­com­pat­i­ble. Just apply el­bow grease and feather the edges.

It’s very sat­is­fy­ing and ther­a­peu­tic. My heart rate slows right down when I’m paint­ing – un­til the green­fly lands on my lat­est mas­ter­piece! Oily Boot Bob, mem­ber

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