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I can’t be the only per­son who’s strug­gled get­ting the threaded cap on Monobloc and ear­lier carbs with­out cross-thread­ing it. The prob­lem is that the spring clip pushes the ring off to one side, cant­ing it over. Com­bined with the fine thread and 60-plus years of wear, this means lots of strug­gle and foul lan­guage, es­pe­cially when the carb is nes­tled up un­der the tank.

Some time ago I re­alised that if I put a wedge be­tween the clip and the carb top it would hold it clear, al­low­ing the ring to be cor­rectly seated much more eas­ily. The ideal source for such a wedge is an or­di­nary plas­tic sprung clothes peg. No doubt oth­ers have other ideas?

I’m think­ing of go­ing into busi­ness flog­ging these on eBay…

Still en­joy­ing the mag. Alan Cath­cart’s re­cent series on Sammy Miller’s un­usual bikes is ex­cel­lent.

Ian Soady, mem­ber 3405

Frank may have found a photo of his famed ‘au­to­matic idle de­vice’ for Nor­ton ro­taries to go with your clever ‘carb cap spe­cial tool’, Ian. If so, you’ll be able to see that they are re­mark­ably sim­i­lar. Does any­one else have a nifty mo­tor­cy­cle-re­lated ap­pli­ca­tion for the ver­sa­tile clothes peg? Rowena

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