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In view of Rowena’s re­cent com­ments on elec­tric bikes, I thought that you might be in­ter­ested in an ar­ti­cle about Mag­nax ax­ial flux mo­tors, pub­lished in New Zealand. If they can achieve these power-to-weight ra­tios on a pro­duc­tion ba­sis it will be a real game changer. You could build the rear wheel of a bike around one of these, and with no trans­mis­sion the space be­tween the wheels could con­tain as many bat­ter­ies as weight would al­low. Al­ter­na­tively, you could build it into the front wheel and get some very in­ter­est­ing han­dling.

Roy Cross, mem­ber

I took a look at the Mag­nax page. Although the tech­nol­ogy is way be­yond my ken, their claims for the yoke­less ax­ial flux mo­tor com­pared to the cur­rent (ahem) BMW ra­dial flux en­gine are eye­open­ing. The same 250Nm or torque, a 36% power up­lift and 14kg in­stead of 41kg. That could be truly use­ful on two wheels… Say. Did I ever men­tion that my grand­fa­ther held sev­eral patents for cool­ing sys­tems on elec­tric mo­tors? And he rode a Rudge. What a Top Chap! Rowena

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