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Last sum­mer I had the Mi-Val, as re­built in RC170-174, on the road and took it to events and shows. It won first prize at the Newby Hall car and bike show, mainly I think be­cause the judge had never seen one be­fore and was im­pressed by the de­sign for the mid-1950s. A BSA Ban­tam was close by and the com­par­i­son was quite stark. It was dif­fi­cult to be­lieve they came from the same pe­riod, as the Mi-Val looked quite ad­vanced in com­par­i­son.

Since re­build­ing the Mi-Val, I’ve been grad­u­ally im­prov­ing it. It was a bit re­luc­tant to start, then ran well un­til warm when it started to mis­be­have. So I swapped the old Dell’Orto carb for an In­dian-made Je­tex, which has given a stead­ier tick­over and a small in­crease in power and pick-up. Stu Thom­son, mem­ber 2256

Full de­tails of Stu’s cut-price carb up­grade can be found at Real-Clas­, as there wasn’t enough space for all the info here. Rowena

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