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I en­joyed RC174; lots of in­ter­est­ing stuff, as al­ways, but was sur­prised by one omis­sion in PUB’s ex­cel­lent and com­pre­hen­sive re­view of clas­sic ohc bikes. There was a bi­cy­cle man­u­fac­tured in her very own home town of Daven­try by a lo­cal mem­ber of the landed gen­try in the early 1980s. This ma­chine had not one, but four over­head camshafts, two per cylin­der. I can’t be­lieve that she’s at­tempt­ing to ex­punge these un­der­rated ma­chines from the record, and must there­fore as­sume that she’ll be de­vot­ing a num­ber of col­umn inches to m’lord’s cre­ations in a fu­ture is­sue…

Heh. There will be no prize what­so­ever to the first per­son who can post on the RC Face­book group a suit­able pic­ture of this mystery ma­chine… Rowena

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