Real Classic - - Honda Cl360 -

If dad doesn’t take the Honda to work, I like to ride it around the city, and I used it for my daily com­mute to my sum­mer job at a lo­cal school. The IT guy I worked for came out ev­ery lunchtime to ogle it. When I went to the skid­pan train­ing, which is com­pul­sory here in Lux­em­bourg, the in­struc­tor there loved it too. ‘42 years old! My!’

The clutch was fixed be­fore I even got my hands on it, and since then the only trou­ble we’ve had was that the per­fect paint job on the tank didn’t pre­pare us for the in­side. That hadn’t been rust-cleaned; it just had two ex­tra fil­ters in the fuel lines which you can see in the pho­tos. This led to the bike pack­ing up a cou­ple of times till dad sourced a NOS fuel tap with fil­ters both in­side the tank and in­side the tap body, and me blow­ing out the fil­ters with com­pressed air. Oh, and clean­ing out the carbs. The tank’s been re­moved and given the shaky-shaky treat­ment, but dad’s talking about seal­ing it with some magic epoxy.

I’d take the 360 back to uni­ver­sity in Gronin­gen, but I’m sure it’d dis­ap­pear quickly and per­ma­nently. Any­way, it’s too nice to suf­fer a Dutch sea­side win­ter…

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