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I read in Ollie's Oddjobs about the fun he had with his Superdream and how reliable it was. I also had a Superdream of the 400cc variety in 1980 or so; a fantastic bike. My better half and I went to south Germany on it for a week's holiday. It ran great, two up, carrying our kit and with no problems at all. An all round fantastic bike, and for a 400 it was quite fast. It should have been a keeper but if I had kept all the bike I have owned then I would need a much bigger shed!

Speaking of the Shed, I see Frank is working on a 250 Triumph Trailblaze­r. My wife had one of those in 1977. It was a pig to start sometimes but not a bad bike if I kept up with the maintenanc­e.

Tom Halls, member 13, 188

Piggish starting is a great tradition among my bikes. If they start readily I put them away at once, because something terrible is plainly about to happen! Frank W

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