Real Classic



That phrase may be familiar, but perhaps not so much for this machine, a Velocette Valiant. It was perhaps some 55 years ago when I began with a Raleigh Runabout moped which soon failed to satisfy.a friend of mine had a Valiant and a deal was done for around £50.

What an interestin­g ride home. No training in those days, and my only previous proper experience on a bike consisted of a ride or two along a private road on a tank change James. I remember removing the engine covers from the Valiant to improve the look. The Velo served as my transport for about eighteen months, including a daily commute to college .

It had one or two problems, like a broken gearbox shaft, cured by removing the unit and taking it to the Velocette works at Hall Green and collecting it a week later. Bank of dad to the rescue, and Hall Green was only thirty minutes away. An oil feed banjo parted company with one of the cylinder heads and I think that was helicoiled. Also, a splined coupling on the shaft drive failed and was replaced by a lighter one from a Leperhaps. Happy days! VOL 993, what happened to you? The young lady in the photo became my wife .

Keith Pitman

Great tale, and a superbphot­o! Velo's charmingly eccentrict­wins havealways been among my own favourites. Frank W

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