Real Classic



I am enclosing some informatio­n on my unusual motorcycle, should you find it interestin­g for readersof Realclassi­ believe my Triumph TR7VIS the only one of its kind in the UK maybe even the world!

Therewere plenty of 650 Saintsbut not, asfar as I know, many 750swith my's a 1975 750 Saint with an interestin­g history. originally ordered by a West Indies police force, it sat at Doverdocks­when they cancelledt­he order,and was eventually auctioned through the trade, being won by Elite Motors of Tooting. Driving by their showroom one day, I popped in to see what they had in stock.still in its wooden crate wasthis Saint I purchasedi­t on the spot,and still own it, still in pristine condition. Gordonhend­erson

Remark abl se tory! if anyone knows more about these unusual ma chin esp, lease get in touch! Frankw

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