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I recently acquired four Douglas Mkvs including a T35, on the island of Ljuster6 on Stockholm's archipelag­o.

The previous owner retains a nice collection of ancient Douglases here on the island . My machines that I persuaded him to sell are in bits and I had already started assembly when I happily came across your on line article about the Trials 350 composed by Steveh.

I was fascinated because one frame that I have has no headlight mount, and in the hoard of parts is a trials type air filter like Steve's. I would very much like to talk to Steve about his build and source missing parts and maybe trade some of my collection of spares which are not needed (ten new kickstarts and gearchange­rs!) Jeremy Thompson Ooh, that feature is a few years old now and unfortunat­ely, we don 't have Steve's details but he may be reading this! If you are, Steve, and you'd like to contact Jeremy, please send usyour details by email or post and we'll pass them along. And it'd be lovely to hear from Jeremy once he has a MKV up and running! Rowena

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