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'I bought my W650 with a couple of thousand miles on it, and proceeded to ride it for 30,000 miles over three or four years.the W650 seemed to me to be a very well put together twin and (unsurprisi­ngly) it reminded me of Yamaha'sxs650from some years ago. The Kawasaki was my main bike, used all year round, and it stood up to British winters quite well, never letting me down other than misfiring when the carbs iced up in really cold conditions.

'The W650 didn't need a great deal of looking after but, even so, it wasn't a complicate­d device to keep in good fettle. I particular­ly liked the spring loaded sliding rocker arms which allowed straightfo­rward accessto the valve shims. The bikes can develop noisy bevel gears and if this problem is tackled half heartedly then the results can be expensive. I adjusted the backlash on mine very carefully at about 12,000 miles. This got rid of the excess noise and I never had to repeat the operation.

'Rear mudguards can crack, but a repair with a piece of coat hanger glued into the seam works well. As usual for me, I sold the W650 because I fancied a change rather than due to any shortcomin­gs. Some years later I bought a WSOOBUT, for some reason, I never bonded with it and I didn't keep it very long:

John Moulton

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