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Terriers, dynamos, single carbs. Who could ask for more?

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AJS ADVENTURES: a slightly supernatur­al excursion through the Forest Of Dean in the dark of night on a Model 18

ENFIELD’S ELECTRA: an argument in favour of the less-loved lean-burn Bullet

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BEEZUMPH UPDATE: postponed again – but on the calendar for 2022

BSA BANTAM D7: as if a mighty 175cc wasn’t enough, one reader recalls the modificati­ons made to his sporting lightweigh­t which nigh-on doubled its power output. Cluck!

In RC205, Mr Smith mourns the passing of the petrol engine in the near future, initially in cars. I suggest all is not as bad as he thinks for the petrolhead. I will give him the limited range and high initial outlay, but you get what you pay for. The expensive electric vehicles will now get you 300 miles or so. They must pass the bladder test in future, and go further on a charge than you can go between comfort stops.

The driving is superb. An electric motor is a better way to propel a vehicle than an internal combustion engine. I have a Nissan Leaf bought as a city / local car on the recommenda­tion of my son. They had two Leafs (Leaves?) as pool cars at his work. The only problem they had was that the front tyres kept wearing out because people found how much fun the urban traffic light drag race was.

I estimate that 60mph is reached in full power mode in around 7 seconds. The 0 to 30 time is incredible, maximum torque from 1 rpm to the redline, if it had one. It will climb steep hills on tickover, if it had one. No gears to stir. You can embarrass any hot hatch very easily up to 50mph. It will, of course, fly past you eventually doing 20mph over the speed limit. On the move there is no noise or vibration. I believe that it should be possible to have a range of different style engine noises linked to the throttle position played through the radio speakers should there be a demand for such.

When charging at home the cost per mile is considerab­ly less than petrol and more convenient. No trips to fuel stations and you always start with a full tank. That, in itself, would be a novel situation for many motorcycli­sts.

I understand the urge to fiddle with motorcycle­s, but they were intended to be ridden to get from where you are to where you want to be. I have always preferred the riding to the mending so electric vehicles hold no fear for me. I am sure that Edwardian horse riders were afraid that the internal combustion engine would spell the end of horse riding, but it just turned from a means of transport into a hobby / pastime. It is likely that the same will happen to petrol motorcycle­s: there is a school of thought that it already has. Nick Crook, member 1342

And indeed the electric age appears to have arrived in the Shape of the Supersoco TC, pictured here. Under £3k new with an 80 miles range. It’s not quick, but it is quite cute… Rowena

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