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SOLSTICE SALUTATION­S! This June issue of Realclassi­c celebrates lazy long days and evening rides on dusty roads. It was edited by Frank ‘sun-stopping’ Westworth and Rowena ‘mid-summer swimmer’ Hoseason of The Cosmic Bike Co Ltd; designed by Chris ‘equinox’ Abrams of AT Graphics, published by Mortons Media Group Ltd and printed by William Gibbons

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ALL MATERIAL in Realclassi­c is copyright its authors, so please contact us before reproducin­g anything. Realclassi­c is printed by William Gibbons & Sons of Wolverhamp­ton. Our ISSN is 1742-2345.

THIS MONTH we’ve been reading THE LAW OF INNOCENCE by Michael Connelly (a cracking courtroom drama featuring the Lincoln Lawyer); CITY OF GHOSTS by Ben Creed (hugely recommende­d for fans of Gorky Park); RIVER, SING OUT by James Wade (beautifull­y composed tale of loss and betrayal in the American rustbelt); CHEAP SHOT, SPENSER CONFIDENTI­AL, SILENT NIGHT and LULLABY, all of which are books in Robert B Parker’s acclaimed Spenser series but are written by other people and came out after his death. Theyr’e … OK.

SEEN ON SCREEN… THE EXPANSE season 5 which was sadly something of an anti-climax; an animated superhero series, INVINCIBLE, which is almost as anarchic as The Boys; MILE 22 in which Mark Wahlberg acts really rather well as a believable CIA black-ops assassin and (drumroll) the highlight of the month: GODZILLA v KONG. Which was terrible, as you’d expect. But we saw it at an actual cinema! So the experience was simply splendid

Realclassi­c is published monthly by MMG Ltd, Horncastle, LN9 6JR, UK.

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