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I do admire those who take a lifetime to create their perfect bike, but I am not one of them. I am possibly more of the FW school, in that I want to ride it but, truth be told, I have very little patience and am easily dissuaded from restoratio­n if it is likely to take more than a few days. I have enjoyed FW’S ongoing fight with springs and am glad he overcame them.

It reminded me of my first bike, or at least the first bike that I could take on the road and ultimately pass my test; a Montesa Impala Sport available in 1968 in kit form for the bargain price of £185. The kickstart return spring was on the outside of the timing side engine cover and worked best if, once the spring was lightly engaged between kickstart and engine case, the kickstart was wound forward a few splines on the shaft to preload the spring. I still have the scars…

Finally, is the Honda Grom still part of the stable? Roger Saunders, member 9798

My MSX125 / Grom moved on a couple of seasons ago. I loved its style and size and stunning agility, but was rather less impressed by the suspension. On local roads my retinas were in danger of detaching! It’s been replaced by a better spec’d BMW G310R. Same principle, slightly bigger, treble the power and ten times the comfort! Rowena

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