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On Thursday, the head of the gearbox drain plug came off on my recent acquisitio­n – a Norton Commander – as I was changing the gearbox oil. This was at about 2pm. In desperatio­n I telephoned the technical help line at Andover Norton and we identified the correct part. I NEEDED that part for Saturday, so it was ordered. About half an hour later I was called by the sales team to say I had missed the deliveries for that day, as the couriers were due to arrive any moment. At this point I may have whined and pleaded a bit. This was greeted with ‘we’ll do our best.’

The next day the part arrived. Much relief and happiness. This was after they had helped with a long-distance diagnosis of a fault. Top chaps and chapesses. Ian Woolley, member 873

A well-deserved Service Star goes to RK Leighton. I spoke to Andrew about my Harley Sportster’s Mustang Fastback seat a little over a week ago, telling him I wanted it remoulded 20mm higher. He told me a seat could cost up to £180 and there was a six week queue. When he received the saddle he saw it was in perfect condition and an easy job. So he turned it round in under a week and only charged £87 including delivery. Perfect job as usual: Neville Roberts, member 5664

If Frank’s new waterproof trousers had arrived any faster they would’ve caused a rift in the space-time continuum. He’s been searching for yonks for replacemen­ts for his old pair, a very high mileage set of Held over-trousers which are completely worn out and more than un peu porous when il pleut. Apparently, being comfortabl­e is more important than being dry, although I’d always assumed the latter was an essential aspect of the whole ‘wearing waterproof­s’ thing. My mistake.

Google was my friend while I tried girlfully to avoid doing any Actual Work on a Sunday morning, and revealed that Sportsbike­ stocked no less than 13 different types of Held over-trousers, including the modern equivalent­s of Frank’s pants, in eight (!) sizes. Half a dozen swift clicks secured a set…

…which were delivered

26 hours later. Now that’s first-class service! Rowenah, member 002

Wheels and tyres dropped off into Malc’s Motorbikes this morning for changing.

A great old fashioned motorbike shop: lovely people and well worth a visit. Nigel Fleming, member

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