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I came across an old issue of which mention problems with clutch slip when attempting to kickstart a B40. Many moons ago I started road racing on a Tiger Cub, long before the current state-of-the-art Cub trick parts. I probably built my competitiv­e bike for less than you’d pay for a clutch in the 21st century! I seem to remember paying no more than £5 for an SS Dell’orto carburetto­r. A GP worked the best; slides and needles were more ready available than those for the Italian carburetto­r, and cheaper too. Back to the plot. Before I had enough experience to appreciate what the effect of an alternativ­e oil might have in the primary drive, I experience­d clutch slip when trying to bump start at the beginning of nearly every race. Very often the pack had long gone before mine fired up. I found that if I approached the starting grid in first gear, picked up the revs slightly and stalled the motor, then the bike would start easily every time with not a hint of slip. Possibly doing this squeezed the oil from between the plates. Lloyd Watson

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