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- Frank W

Love the mention of wipac, made Lucas look really good. When testing lightweigh­t AMC bikes in the winter I would pull the tarp off my 'tea' bike I had ridden home on, flick the ignition on only to see the knob disappear in the shrubbery. stems did not The like plastic the cold switch weather. Screwdrive­r out, pop off headlamp assembly, unplug wiring harness from lighting switch, pop in ignition plug and after very carefully turn switch and off my merry way.

Don't even mention the battery less system on the 250 CS models!

Great June issue, as expected. I always liked testing the Matchless GS, more torque than the 250s.

The heavyweigh­t 350 was... heavy. Not much fun to ride, felt like you were always pushing it along. Your short stroke AJS 16 version was derived from the all alloy CS motor, which despite being in another admittedly heavy chassis produced pretty good power. Have you checked the auto advance unit? Believe it or not I have encountere­d a case where the unit was for a reverse direction!

As to getting a bike to function as intended I always go back to stock factory settings. If it works for 4999 bikes it will work for the problem bike. These bikes are not complicate­d, but they can get that way if you start changing things without knowing what you are doing. Nice article on the Electra in RC207, too. First one off the assembly line was on March 8, 1963. How do I know? We got married the next day! The bike was nice to ride, steered well and had 'road hugging' weight. Had four brands of electric equipment; Wipac, Lucas, Hella indicators and I think the voltage regulator was a weird brand. Maybe not a Super Hawk but it certainly had character! Brian Slark, member Thanks, Brian. It's always great to hear from an actual genuine factory road test rider!

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