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Service Star for AA man Mike. I pressed the starter button on my Guzzi after the engine cut out at a junction (don't you love that?). Rrrr... rrr... r...r... click went the starter. Obviously a flat battery. No chance of a push start so I called Peter James' recovery, aka the AA. Not too long a wait (about 45min) before Mike arrived and quickly diagnosed a faulty starter motor. He took it apart and, after pouring water out, revealed a real mess including broken brush springs. How it had worked so well before I don't know.

Not to beaten, he cleaned it up and came up with a superb bodge in the form of a cable tie to secure the brushes. With the starter back in place it was back to a single press of the button to have the engine happily burbling away. He even followed me for the eleven miles it took to get home. A top man indeed.

Martin Peacock, member 453

Isn't it great when something actually confounds your expectatio­ns? I've been having difficulty getting the original, very rare and very worn Dell'orto RDF28 carb working properly on my Gilera Saturno Sport. A friend with a similar bike solved the problem by fitting a modern Amal 928 Concentric, which looks fairly 'period' (if not Italian) and apparently works really well.

I decided to get one. 'Easy!' I thought. I was wrong. Amal are moving to aluminium for the Concentric carb bodies, and it seems that due to production delays they will not be available until at least late August.

I looked on ebay and the only one I could find was in Memphis, Tennessee. It seemed a good price, less than the UK, and shipping was very reasonable. I assumed USPS would get it to me eventually, but might take a few weeks. I ordered it on Tuesday afternoon, and Fedex delivered it four days later! Amazing service, and no customs charges either. Step forward Niche Cycles: well done.

James Wiseman, member

I have a large collection of motorcycle magazines gathered over 50 years, acquired before my conversion to RC. Most of them are in binders. Recently, updating myself with some 30 year old reading, I noticed the binder's plastic fittings holding the retaining wires had succumbed to age, failing to secure the magazines. I toyed with the idea of making some replacemen­ts, but found details of Modern Bookbinder­s, albeit at an old address and with a pre 01 telephone number, in one of the binders.

An online search revealed the firm's current contacts and an email to them, enquiring about replacemen­ts, was immediatel­y answered with the request to send a SAE. This was promptly returned with twice as many fittings as I had asked for, together with even the correct colour coded rivets. All gratis and for nought.

Thank you, especially to Warren at Modern Bookbinder­s.

Phil Rich, member

Yes indeed, Modem Bookbinder­s have produced RC'S smart navy-blue binders since our earliest days. They also offer bespoke, made-to order individual binders, slip covers and posh portfolios, should you have a precious collection of publicatio­ns which you'd like to protect for posterity.


A little while ago Frank mentioned an RC reader who was restoring the only velocette he had any real interest in, a viceroy scooter. I am that reader and, as part of the dismantlin­g process of a very rusty bike, needed some small diameter drills to remove wheel nuts. I ordered from Tracy Tools of Devon and they arrived the next day. Over the years I have ordered many bits and pieces from Tracy's and the only time the order did not arrive the next day was because I had arranged to pick them up at Stafford. They have always given a superb service, including advice and suggestion­s when I have been a bit lost. I can't recommend them highly enough, they are invariably a pleasure to deal with.

Peter Occleston, member 6783

Thanks, Peter! Glad that you're getting along with the Best Velocette Ever (official), even though you declined my generous offer of £100 for it. Good luck! Frank W

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