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Regarding the letters aboutt riumph bicycles in RC207, I too had at riumph bicycle which was bought secondhand for me at Christmas 1959/60. Shortly afterwards a friend bought a bright orange, aluminium framed racing bike. His lightweigh­t orange made my dark blue Triumph look a bit drab and heavy. There was nothing I could do about the frame but at least I could paint it a different colour.

I chose a bright, light blue which was applied with a brush. Without thinking, I painted over the metal badge on the front of the bike but the overall finish was quite good. I also used red transfer letters to put a new name onto the frame; Scorpion! My mother said that triumph wouldn't be pleased about me changing the name of their bike, but I was happy.

Shortly afterwards we started looking around local motorcycle dealers. The first machine we looked at was the Norton Jubilee in its two tone colours. I was hooked. We looked at everything up to 250cc, our legal limit; Royal Enfields, Triumph Tiger Cubs, BSAS, etc. My mate got a job at a car dealership so never did get a motorbike whereas I, shortly after my 16th birthday, bought my first motorbike. It wasn't a Norton, Royal Enfield, BSA or Triumph but a Francis Barnett 175 for £40.

The last I remember about the Triumph bicycle was that I fell off it one icy morning on the way to college, which frightened a passing woman more than it did me. It was then dumped behind the garage. The Triumph brand must have left an impression on me, though, as my second bike was atiger Cub and I have owned quite a few Triumphs since. I currently own two.

Chris Rayment, member 1041

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