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I have just received RC206, and as usual after reading From the Front I turned to Tales from the Shed. To my most profound shock, horror, and dismay, I found that Frank has succumbed to the Great American Grammar Disaster. The word 'fit' is used when it should be'fitted'! Please, please don't tell me to go and lay down, either. All this aside I have been reading your monthly exposition­s for many years, and I always look forward to its (albeit delayed these days) arrival.

My despair knows no bounds, but I'm sure I'll recover given enough martinis.

Allan Macmillan, member

Thanks for this, Allan. I love writing as is probably obvious and enjoy playing around with language. I do this more in fiction than in the magazine, but I think it rubs off sometimes. And I still start sentences with prepositio­ns, despite being assured by an English Language teacher that it would ruin my eyesight. Even after decades ofd oing this I still find myself splitting infinitive­s and using the wrong participle­s in places often I leave them because they read better that way. And do not get me started on dependant and subordinat­e clauses! Frank w

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