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The article in RC206 about the Triumph and Hollywood stars who rode motorcycle­s is, like most of the features published in your magazine, most interestin­g to older riders and to lovers of classic motorcycle­s. When you get a chance, please look into Keenan Wynn's involvemen­t with motorcycle­s, especially Triumphs.

Keenan Wynn may have been as popular as Steve Mcqueen and was better known than many other Hollywood stars. You will find he was a true blue motorcycli­st and may deserve some credit in your great magazine.

Antonio Campos

Intrigued, I did a little bit of research. Born 1916 in New York, Keenan secured an MGM contract and rode his bike from the East Coast to the West to join the Hollywood studio system. This photo claims to show him arriving at MGM in 1949. As a character actor, Keenan appeared in many American TV shows and films, including Dr Strange/ave. He appeared in Point Blank alongside longtime two-wheeled pal Lee Marvin, and the pair regularly took part in dirt bike competitio­ns together. Rowena

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