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I was somewhat perturbed to read the Tales from the Shed in RC206 and the errors contained therein particular­ly as Frank is a 'marque anorak'. The article was not up to his usual standard when quoting AMC lore.

AMC changed the exhaust port to 1 5/8" in 1962, not 1964, for the ultra short stroke (74 x 81 mm) 350s and this continued when the engine dimensions changed again to 72 x 85.5mm in 1964. Similarly, the carb for the 1962/63 bikes was a 1 1/8" 389 and again this continued for the 1964 on models. The carb fitted to the long stroke 350s was a 376, not a 276.

I have ridden a 1966 G3 and I would say that it was not as quick as the 1962/63 bikes. I have two 1963 G3s and they really do tramp along very nicely, so your M16 may not be unusual in its failure to inspire. I also feel you may have been a little hard on the PO concerning the carb float, as Amal changed from brass to the plastic/ metal hybrid shown in the photo and then to a completely plastic float so the float in the article could have been original to the carb as well as the nylon float needle. The latest stay up type floats are the same as the one shown.

Having said that, why are all POS retired engineers who seem to have forgotten any engineerin­g knowledge that they might once have possessed and resort to bodging of the worst kind? A recent purchase, a 1955 Royal Enfield 500 Twin, was subject to some of the worst thread mangling that I've ever seen practicall­y every nut, bolt and stud is either stripped or has had the wrong mating item forced on.

Just to complete the bodgery he decided to hand paint the lot in situ. I should have looked more closely but everything was also coated in a patina of oil and road grime that indicated his claim for So plus years ownership was correct. The documents did show that this was true but I wonder how a'retired engineer' could have sanctioned such maltreatme­nt. Surely his own pride in his workmanshi­p should have precluded this? It beggars belief.

Thanks for the details for the AMC silencers and the European supplier. An order for two for the 350s is in the ether.

James Haynes

Thank-you for pointing out my mistakes I make plenty of them. In this case I'd assumed that as the 350 head was apparently (according to Bacon) unchanged from 63 until the end of production, that the exhaust pipe was the same also the port, but ofcourse it's not. I have a pipe which I took from a 63 16 which is an inch and a quarter and has a cigar silencer to match. I had a chat with Armours about it- apparently the pipes for 62, 63 and 64-on are all different. What I think I forgot to mention was the discovery ofa tiny pair of spacers which fit into each side ofthe integral pinch-bolt clamp at the front ofthe AJS 76's presumably original silencer. I've transferre­d them to the new pattern item, probably to cause confusion to someone else in the future. You're correct about the carbs, too. I spotted the mistake in the story but only when it was too late to change it. I enjoy all the details very much and am occasional­ly reminded ofthe conversati­ons I used to enjoy with ex-factory folk back in the 1980s when I was editing The Jampot. Forgotten most ofit ofcourse. Frankw

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