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Remember the 1960s? Really? Are you sure you were actually there!? If you do have some vague recollecti­on of your halcyon days of early motorcycli­ng then you're not entirely alone and in this new book author Frank Melling recalls how he survived the Swinging Sixties. 'Scrambling

For Enthusiast­ic Beginners' begins with his teenage years and illustrate­s Mr Melling's journey into a life of motorcycle competitio­n in the mucky stuff. It's not so much a book about motorbikes, but more a social history and a coming of age story about a young man who didn't fit in to a convention­al life but found his true calling on two wheels.

'This makes for some fast paced and hair raising episodes: says one reviewer. 'This book is also a fascinatin­g insight into life in the 1960s in the industrial north of England, often poignant, frequently funny and always entertaini­ng:

You can read excerpts from 'Scrambling' on frankmelli­, and order a copy for £12.99 including UK delivery. Better yet Frankm has generously offered three copies as prizes for lucky RC subscriber­s to win! So grab your copy of this month's subscriber newsletter, where you'll find details of how to enter the exclusive to Realclassi­c competitio­n.

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