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- The Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show is scheduled for 9-10 October. See classicbik­

Photos by Ollie Hulme and Owen Geary

This particular Classic Motorcycle Show at Stafford was always going to be an unusual experience not least because the rules changed ten days beforehand so many of the planned indoor activities, like the popular Q&A with special guests, couldn't go ahead. Despite that bump in the road, the overall opinion from show goers, club members and stallholde­rs was that it was a good effort all round and definitely better than no show at all!

'I attended with my Benelli Tornado on the Benelli GB club stand, says Owen, 'and had a very enjoyable time if very different from previous years: Julied, an accomplish­ed event organiser in her own right, reckoned it was 'very well organised indoors; limits imposed on hall numbers and with the stands well spaced out. It did look a bit empty but it's great for photos and socialisin­g and at least it's on! Well done to all the guys and gals organising it heck of a feat!'

'What a great day at Stafford; said Len. 'All the parts I needed and at half the price of ebay which means the profit goes to a trader who is supporting us. And some cracking bikes to look at:

Of course, you can't please all the people; Martint was 'somewhat disappoint­ed. Less than half the usual stands, and the only adherence to the timetable of events was the nice ladies singing their songs (particular­ly well, one has to say). No sign of the advertised interviews, and a start up arena in complete disarray: In fairness to the team at Classicbik­eshows, they did spread the word on line before the weekend to explain that the planned Dirt Bike marquee and special guest sessions couldn't go ahead as planned under the social distancing restrictio­ns which were extended at short notice.

Even so, Chrish said that'we managed to spend as much as normal and some stuff at bargain prices. Great show guys well done for putting it on. It was good to wander around without getting squashed: And as Edwardf commented 'it was nice to get a bit back towards normality:

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