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Orville Lynn Ma­jors looked like a car­ing nurse, fam­ily man and all- round good guy. In re­al­ity he was any­thing but

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He might look like a dot­ing dad in this photo, but nurse Orville

Lynn Ma­jors was a se­rial killer har­bour­ing a burn­ing ha­tred of his el­derly pa­tients – wit­nesses later sug­gested that he be­lieved they should be gassed.

Not sur­pris­ingly, ‘ dot­ing dad’ and ‘ car­ing nurse’ were the com­pas­sion­ate im­ages he pre­ferred to por­tray, such as here: where Ma­jors is seen bot­tle- feed­ing Mikayla, the daugh­ter of his live- in lover Nancy Ryan. While ac­tively pre­sent­ing an im­age of a heav­enly an­gel, Ma­jors was earn­ing him­self a 380- year prison sen­tence as an ‘ an­gel of death’. Be­tween 1993 and 1995 he’s be­lieved to have mur­dered as many as 130 pa­tients.

He was ar­rested in De­cem­ber 1997 only months after this photo was taken, Dur­ing his trial, a num­ber of wit­nesses came for­ward with dis­turb­ing char­ac­ter ev­i­dence. Ac­cord­ing to their tes­ti­monies, Ma­jors had no re­gard or com­pas­sion for those in his care. They also tes­ti­fied that he hated his pa­tients, es­pe­cially any whose needs in­creased his work­load. Ma­jors him­self ac­knowl­edged as much. Many of his vic­tims were pa­tients with the greatest needs or the most de­mand­ing or dif­fi­cult per­son­al­i­ties. The more they ir­ri­tated him, the more likely they were to die.

This an­gel of death him­self died on 24 Septem­ber 2017 while serv­ing life for six mur­ders – a frac­tion of his sus­pected to­tal. His death iron­i­cally proved that the piti­less man did in fact have a heart – he died of an un­spec­i­fied heart ail­ment.

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