hot­dog shop rob­ber is no cock of the walk

Ter­rion Pouncy didn’t so much bite off more than he could chew when he com­mit­ted his crime – he shot it off

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How not to hol­ster your gun in a holdup

It’s of­ten quite dif­fi­cult to feel sorry for peo­ple who do bad things , yet we’re sure you’ll find some­thing in your heart that feels some­thing ap­proach­ing sym­pa­thy, even if it ’s just the smalles t bit, for 19 - year- old Ter­rion Pouncy.

At around 6am on Hal­loween 2017,

Pouncy thought it w ould be a good idea to hold up a hot­dog r es­tau­rant on South Side , Chicago. Upon en­ter­ing the r es­tau­rant, he pulled out a .38 cal­ibr e pis­tol and de­manded cash from two em­ploy­ees of Maxwell Street Ex­press on 11 6th and Hal­stead, press­ing the gun to the head of one 39 - year- old worker.

The vic­tim had been pass­ing a buck et of grease across the counter at the time , and called out to their co - worker to pass Pouncy the cash fr om the till, as w ell as their own wal­lets. Far­ci­cally, upon do­ing this , the bucket fell and the money w as dropped and wildly dis­persed. Pouncy bent down to pick up as much cash as pos­si­ble , while s till aim­ing his gun at the tw o male r es­tau­rant em­ploy­ees. He then turned and fled.

What hap­pened next was both far ci­cal and painful. Shift­ing his gun in his waist­band, Pouncy ac­ci­den­tally pulled the trig­ger, shoot­ing him­self in the pe­nis .

Some­how the r ob­ber man­aged to mak e it across the s treet, brush­ing off a restau­rant em­ployee who gamely at­tempted to s top him from leav­ing, be­fore stop­ping mo­men­tar­ily on a bench, and then col­laps­ing on the s teps of a nearby house. He man­aged to call 911, re­port­ing that he’d been shot. Not long after, he was ar­rested by po­lice at Chris t Hospi­tal, where he had been tak en to r ecover from his in­juries. The em­ploy­ees’ wal­lets were re­cov­ered. Pouncy’s gun was seized.

CCTV had cap­tured the en­tir ety of the event. What ul­ti­mately led po­lice to be sur e of Pouncy’s role in the crime w asn’t the wound in his nether r egions, but that the blood- stained un­der­wear taken from Pouncy at the hospi­tal matched the same un­derw ear that had been cap­tur ed, pro­trud­ing out of the per­pe­tra­tor’s trousers, on the r es­tau­rant’s CCTV footage.

There’s not one but thr ee lessons here. Don’t rob a hot­dog r es­tau­rant. Don’t carry a firearm. And for God’ s sake, pull your trousers up.

Pouncy should take some com­fort fr om the fact he’s not the only crim­i­nal to mak e such a cock- up, pun to­tally in­tended. On 6 Septem­ber 2015, a 43- year- old man fr om South Dakota named Don­ald Wat­son was taken to hospi­tal suf­fer­ing from a gun­shot wound to his cr otch, claim­ing to ha ve been shot by a “black guy ” while tak­ing out the trash. His neigh­bour of­fered a dif­fer­ent sce­nario, claim­ing they had hear d loud screams com­ing fr om Wat­son’s apart­ment at around 1am. “An­guished” was the word used. Po­lice in­ves­ti­gated and found bul­let tr aces and an empty gun case in W at­son’s house. A few days after surgery, Wat­son con­fessed that the gun had gone off in his pocket dur­ing the process of buy­ing the firearm.

As a for­mer felon, Wat­son was sen­tenced to five years in prison on char ges of pos­ses­sion of a firearm by a con­victed felon and pos­ses­sion of a firearm by a drug of­fender, false r eport of a crime to la w en­force­ment and false r eport of in­for­ma­tion to law en­force­ment.

You might sa y that no­body w as a wiener in ei­ther of these cases .

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