“ex­treme Grav­ity” of cil­liers’s crimes

Vicky Cil­liers watched as a judge sen­tenced her hus­band to life in prison for her at­tempted mur­der

Real Crime - - Skydive Saboteur -

Giv­ing Emile Cil­liers an 18- year min­i­mum prison sen­tence for at­tempted mur­der, Mr Jus­tice Sweeney turned to ad­dress the newly con­victed Cil­liers as his wife sat in the well of the court: “Vic­to­ria had given her love to you without reser­va­tion. You were lead­ing a dou­ble life in which your only guid­ing com­pass was your own self­ish emo­tional, sex­ual and fi­nan­cial de­sires.

“It was that your first at­tempt to kill your wife by blow­ing her up failed. But you were de­ter­mined to suc­ceed,” he said. “Vicky’s main para­chute mal­func­tioned as you had in­tended it would, she cut it away and trig­gered her re­serve para­chute. But again, as you in­tended, it also mal­func­tioned. She be­gan to spi­ral vi­o­lently as she fell to earth, pass­ing out from the g- forces. You made the de­ci­sion to mur­der her and be­came sin­gle- minded in your at­tempts to carry out your plan. This was wicked of­fend­ing of ex­treme grav­ity.”

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