23 May 2014

Real Crime - - Minute By Minute -


In the early hours of the morn­ing, Rodger re- up­loads a video he’d taken down from YouTube. Ti­tled ‘ Why Do Girls Hate Me So Much?’, Rodger talks about his con­fu­sion as to why no girl will give him a chance to be their boyfriend de­spite his “fab­u­lous” ap­pear­ance and sporty car: “I should be the one with the girls. I mean, look at me, I’m gor­geous. But you girls don’t see it.”


The first stage of his plan for ‘ re­venge’ is for Rodger to kill his flat­mates, 20- yearolds Wei­han Wang and Cheng Yuan Hong, and

19- year- old Ge­orge Chen, at the apart­ment they share in Seville Road. Rodger stabs the three young men mul­ti­ple times us­ing a ‘ Boar Hunter’ knife and a slim pocket knife from Rodger’s arse­nal of weapons.


Rodger changes his clothes, hops into his black BMW parked out­side and drives to his lo­cal Star­bucks cof­fee shop at Em­bar­cadero Del Norde, only a cou­ple of min­utes from the crime scene back at Seville Road. Se­cu­rity cam­eras from the cof­fee shop show him pur­chas­ing his favourite drink, a triple vanilla latte, to take away with him on his killing ram­page.


Sit­ting in his car, Rodger up­loads his last video, de­scrib­ing his ex­is­tence of lone­li­ness, re­jec­tion and un­ful­filled de­sires, and how he plans to “en­ter the hottest soror­ity house at UCSB” and “slaugh­ter every sin­gle spoiled, stuck- up, blonde slut I see in­side there,” be­fore tak­ing his at­tacks to the streets. He says, “I will take great plea­sure in slaugh­ter­ing all of you.”


Rodger’s life coach Gavin Lin­der­man re­ceives an email from Rodger. At­tached is a 137- page ‘ man­i­festo’ writ­ten by the killer, who has also up­loaded the doc­u­ment to the In­ter­net and sent it to his par­ents and peers. The au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal ac­count ti­tled “My Twisted World” de­tails how he’s come to be so bit­ter and why he feels vi­o­lent “re­venge” is his last and only op­tion.


Stand­ing at the door of the Al­pha Phi soror­ity house on Em­bar­cadero Del Norte, Rodger pounds an­grily on the door armed with a gun. Res­i­dents in­side hear the an­gry pound­ing but no one an­swers the door. After sev­eral min­utes the bang­ing fi­nally stops.


Santa Bar­bara County Emer­gency Com­mu­ni­ca­tions Cen­tre dis­patch re­ceives a call from a man named ‘ Spencer’, who re­ports hear­ing eight or nine gun­shots com­ing from the Em­bar­cadero Del Norte area. After ap­prox­i­mately one minute he re­ports that pa­trol of­fi­cers are rush­ing to the scene, and the call ends.


The sher­iff ’s of­fice broad­casts a “gun­shots heard” call, re­port­ing an in­ci­dent un­fold­ing a few kilo­me­tres away, where three fe­male vic­tims have been gunned down as Rodger’s killing spree con­tin­ues. An of­fi­cer con­firms that there are po­lice of­fi­cers at­tend­ing the scene.


Rodger ex­changes gun­fire with po­lice from his car. He speeds off, hits a cy­clist and crashes into a parked ve­hi­cle. Three po­lice of­fi­cers pull a mo­tion­less Rodger from the car and ar­rest him. They con­firm that the mass killer is dead, believ­ing that he’s shot him­self in the tem­ple with a gun found on the pas­sen­ger’s seat.


Keith Che­ung, the cy­clist Rodger ran over be­fore he crashed into a parked ve­hi­cle, is ap­pre­hended.

The rea­son that this vic­tim is mis­tak­enly ar­rested is be­cause he fits the de­scrip­tion of the at­tacker and is present at the scene of the crash.


Po­lice re­move the hand­cuffs from Keith, who is sub­se­quently re­leased after po­lice re­alise that he is the fi­nal vic­tim of Rodger’s drive- by at­tack and not a sec­ond per­pe­tra­tor of the mas­sacre. He re­ceives med­i­cal care from the Cal­i­for­nia High­way Pa­trol.


Hav­ing looked at the de­ceased killer’s ‘ man­i­festo’ in which he de­tails how he in­tends to kill his room­mates and use the apart­ment to lure other po­ten­tial vic­tims, po­lice ar­range for a pro­tec­tive sweep of his apart­ment in the in­ter­ests of the wel­fare of the men liv­ing at the res­i­dence.


An of­fi­cer speaks with Rodger’s mother, Chin, who is mak­ing her way to the scene, hav­ing heard news of the shoot­ing. She ad­mits that her son has “so­cial is­sues” and has been see­ing a ther­a­pist. She says that her son had told her he would call her after fin­ish­ing his last day of school on 23 May, but that she has not heard from him de­spite mul­ti­ple at­tempts to con­tact him.

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