Cover- up call

Real Crime - - Elliot Turner -

Upon find­ing Emily dead in their son’s bed, El­liot Turner’s mother be­gan to help her son fab­ri­cate a story 999: Am­bu­lance emer­gency what’s the ad­dress of

the emer­gency please?

Anita: Yes please, yes please, my name is Mrs


999: What’s the ad­dress?

Anita: Num­ber ( omit­ted)

999: Yeah…

Anita: Queenswood Av­enue.

999: And what town are you in?

Anita: Ummm, no no, no I’m just call­ing you


999: What town, what town are you in?

Anita: Oh, Bournemouth.

999: Bournemouth. Just con­firm that ad­dress for


Anita: Num­ber ( omit­ted) Queenswood Av­enue. 999: Is that in Queens Park? Anita: Queen’s Park, yes please.

999: OK, just con­firm your tele­phone num­ber for


Anita: 01202…

999: Yeah…

Anita: Uh five… hang on…

999: OK, don’t worry just tell me what’s hap­pened

there and the main rea­son for the call.

Anita: What it is my son’s friend is stay­ing with us. This morn­ing I tried to wake both of them up but the girl didn’t wake up. I can’t wake her up, I don’t know what it is.

999: When you say you can’t wake her up, is she breath­ing?

Anita: Uh no not that we uh I don’t know.

999: Right well we need to find out, we need to find out, are you on a phone that you can take up to her?

Anita: Sorry?

999: Are you on a tele­phone that you can take up

to her?

Anita: Yes.

999: Are you near her now?

Anita: Yes.

999: I need you to check for me is she con­scious

and breath­ing? Anita: Um­mmm…

999: If you call her name or…

Anita: No.

999: Shake her arm, does it rouse her?

Anita: No, no.

999: Right, now is she breath­ing?

Anita: No, I don’t think she is.

999: Right how old is she?

Anita: She’s umm 17.

999: 17?

Anita: Yes.

999: Where is she at the mo­ment?

Anita: She’s in bed here.

999: She’s in bed is she?

Anita: Yes.

999: Al­right OK so you’re right by her now are you? Anita: Yes.

999: Right I need you to look for me is she cov­ered

over? Or un­der a du­vet? Or…

Anita: Yes un­der du­vet.

999: Right, un­der a du­vet?

Anita: Yes.

999: I need you to pull back the du­vet for me and just look to see if you can see any signs of breath­ing.

Anita: Uh, I tried to hold the pulse.

999: No, I need you to put your face next to her mouth, can you feel any breath? Can you see her chest go­ing up and down?

Anita: No.

999: Noth­ing. What colour is she?

Anita: Umm, what colour is she?

999: Yeah, what colour is she? Is she blue? Is she


Anita: My hus­band is hav­ing a look now.

999: Does it look like she’s choked on any­thing? Anita: Ummm…

999: Noth­ing round her neck?

( Leigh Turner in back­ground) She’s cold.

Anita: She’s cold.

999: She’s cold?

Anita: Yeah.

999: So if you look at her face, what colour are her


Anita: Her lips is… ( ask­ing Leigh) what colour are

her lips?

Leigh: Pinky- pur­p­ley.

999: Pinky- pur­p­ley, so does it look like she’s choked

on any­thing?

Anita: She’s got makeup on, shall I wipe her

makeup off?

999: No, no, no, lis­ten to me, does it look like she’s

choked on any­thing?

Anita: ( ask­ing Leigh) Do you think she’s choked on

some­thing or any­thing?

Anita: No.

999: She got any­thing round her neck?

Anita: Any­thing around her neck or oooh that

neck­lace, she’s got a neck­lace very tight. 999: Very tight round her neck?

Anita: Yeah.

999: Can you, can you get that neck­lace off?

Anita: OK.

999: How tight?

Anita: Very, very tight.

999: Oh al­right so you don’t think she’s had an

al­ler­gic re­ac­tion to any­thing? Right.

Anita: No, but…

999: Wait while you’re talk­ing to me you need to get your hus­band to get that neck­lace off from around her neck.

Anita: OK, ( ad­dress­ing Leigh Turner) could you take

the neck­lace?

999: How big is it? Is it a thick neck­lace or?

Anita: [ Mum­bling]

999: Can you get the door open? Is your son there

is he?

Anita: Uh the am­bu­lance is here… 999: I need you to undo that neck­lace and some­body needs to open the door, your son, can you shout to your son?

Anita: Sorry?

999: Is your son there? Can he go and open the

front door?

Anita: Oh uh…

999: Are they there?

Anita: Sorry?

999: Is the front door open?

Anita: Yes.

999: We need the front door open.

Anita: Yes.

999: Is it open? Be­cause the crew are there I need you to open the front door and get that neck­lace from around her neck off.

Anita: OK.

999: Now, do it now.

Anita: Yes.

999: Is the door open?

Anita: Hang on I talk to the am­bu­lance… Look the

am­bu­lance is there…

999: Al­right, they’re there right next to you are they? Anita: Yes.

999: Al­right, I’ll leave you with them, well done, bye. Anita: Thank you.

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