“We got peo­ple down!”

Five cars and eight spe­cial agents ver­sus one sus­pect ve­hi­cle and two vi­o­lent crim­i­nals: yet only one FBI agent was left un­in­jured

Real Crime - - Fbi Miami Shotout -

1 Dis­armed

Spe­cial Agent Manauzzi rams his unit ve­hi­cle into Matix and Platt’s Monte Carlo, forc­ing it to stop. But the force of the col­li­sion jolts his ser­vice re­volver, which is rest­ing be­tween his legs, out of the seat and out of reach. Manauzzi doesn’t have time to re­cover it be­fore he takes fire from Matix’s shot­gun, wound­ing him in the head and back.

2 Re­turn fire

The FBI agents barely have time to re­act to the fu­ri­ous stream of bul­lets and shot­gun pel­lets com­ing from the sus­pects’ ve­hi­cle. Han­lon runs to join Gro­gan and Dove, while Ris­ner and Or­ran­tia take up po­si­tion on the far side of the road. McNeill is clos­est to the killers after Manauzzi: he leans over the bon­net of Manauzzi’s ve­hi­cle and ex­changes fire with Platt. McNeill later re­called Platt look­ing di­rectly at him, smil­ing and then tak­ing aim. Bul­lets hit McNeill in the shoul­der, hand and neck, forc­ing him to take cover.

3 Caged an­i­mal

With a civil­ian ve­hi­cle block­ing Platt’s door, he de­cides to exit through the pas­sen­ger win­dow in­stead, climb­ing across the bon­net. It’s all the op­por­tu­nity spe­cial agent Dove needs, and fires sev­eral rounds, one of which pen­e­trates Platt’s chest. An au­topsy later shows that this wound would even­tu­ally have proven fa­tal for Platt, but it wasn’t enough to pre­vent Dove and his part­ner Gro­gan’s deaths.

4 Men do wn

Dove and Gro­gan are mo­men­tar­ily pre­oc­cu­pied with get­ting Dove’s 9mm semi- au­to­matic pis­tol work­ing and trag­i­cally fail to no­tice Platt make a charge around the other side of their ve­hi­cle, ap­proach­ing them from the rear and open­ing fire. Han­lon, who’s been shot in the bi­cep and groin, is spared, while Dove and Gro­gan are shot down and then ex­e­cuted where they lay.

5 Hero

Platt and Matix en­ter Spe­cial Agents Dove and Gro­gan’s ve­hi­cle, in­tent on mak­ing their es­cape. But Mire­les, with the use of just one arm, man­ages to fire five shots from his pump- ac­tion shot­gun, emp­ty­ing it and hit­ting both of Platt’s feet. Platt re­turns fire but misses.

6 Dead end

As Platt turns the keys and guns the en­gine, Mire­les draws his .357 Mag­num and po­si­tions him­self in front of the driver- side win­dow on the far side of the road, then ad­vances on the men, fir­ing six rounds in to­tal. The first two miss, the next three hit Matix in the face, and his fi­nal bul­let pen­e­trates Platt’s chest, end­ing the gun­fight.

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