Real Crime - - Cyberbullying Suicide -

Based on the mes­sages ‘ Tyler Boo’ was send­ing, the per­son tor­ment­ing Amanda wanted to see her suf­fer

All these things you have been do­ing for the past few hours won’t stop the shit storm from com­ing, trust me. 3 shows and it all goes away, what’s the big deal…

Sup Camwhore, been a while : p I didn’t send the video last time be­cause I liked the way you whined, but as you know I have your new school, new school­mates, new flash your par­ents haven’t seen… you know the drill, so 3 shows of 15 min­utes and I won’t send : 3

Lol u al­ready for­got who I am? The guy who last year made you change school, got your door kicked in by the cops?

You can give me 3 shows and I will dis­ap­pear for­ever. You know I won’t stop un­til you give me those 3 shows. If you go to a new school, new bf, new friends, new what­ever I will be there again I am crazy, yes xD So your an­swer?

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