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If you’ve set your heart on some­thing but it’s out of your bud­get, panic not. There are some great-look­ing al­ter­na­tives that are prac­ti­cal, too. While a slate floor at around £40 per square me­tre might have been high on your wishlist, un­less you can bud­get for un­der­floor heat­ing, it will never be cosy un­der­foot, un­like a slate-ef­fect vinyl

(which you could lay your­self and save around £20 per square me­tre). Love a con­crete work­top? The lat­est high­pres­sured lam­i­nates can be fit­ted on site, and even used around an un­der­mounted sink, thanks to their solid cores. Plus, you can get ev­ery­thing from con­crete to cop­per-ef­fect lam­i­nates (with prices around £50-£100 per square me­tre that’s nearly a third of what you’d pay for the real thing).

Still look­ing to add a fea­ture? Why not make a ‘rug’ us­ing those gor­geous tiles you’ve fallen for in a small sec­tion by your sink? Or com­bine two dif­fer­ent work­top ma­te­ri­als to cre­ate dif­fer­ent ‘zones’, such as food prep and eat­ing. Go for a cheaper wood-ef­fect lam­i­nate with a more ex­pen­sive mar­ble, quartz, com­pos­ite or gran­ite.

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