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Dress your windows for light or shade

Shutters are the perfect solution for modern and period homes, and all the rooms in them


Shutters are more than just a beautiful interior design choice – they come with a host of benefits while keeping your room bright and attractive, and are a practical option for any space.

They are versatile enough to suit any room due to Shuttercra­ft’s huge range of styles, colours and materials. The more robust shutters are ideal for family homes, and they’re so easy to clean – a quick wipe and you’re away!

You can also save up to 50 per cent on your heating bills as shutters keep your house cosy during the winter months, locking the warmth from your heating inside where it is needed most. Shutters are natural insulators, making them a great choice for period properties with original or specialist windows.

Complete control

With shutters, you can control each panel individual­ly – allowing you to keep the bottom half closed for maximum privacy and open the top panels or louvres to let the sun shine in. Or why not opt for café-style shutters that only cover the bottom half of your window, leaving the top half clear?

You can keep your room screened from passers-by if it’s street facing, or from neighbours if you’re overlooked.

Steamy showers and bubbly baths are no barrier to having beautiful shutters in the bathroom, the most humid room in the house. Shuttercra­ft’s waterproof Java range would be the perfect complement to the space, withstandi­ng the humidity while allowing ventilatio­n, all without sacrificin­g privacy.

Versatile option

Bay windows are a beautiful feature in many UK homes, particular­ly period properties, but they can be tricky to dress. Shuttercra­ft supply made-tomeasure shutters, created just for you, so you can be confident they will fit exactly to your bay windows.

If your home features an openplan area, why not consider shutters to partition it and make a ‘broken plan’ space? Shutters can help reshape the spaces you love. Keep them closed to create different rooms, or fold them back and out of the way, joining your rooms together when required.

With Shuttercra­ft, you will enjoy premium, made-to-measure shutters, with the benefit of an expert surveyor and fitter to guide you through the whole process, helping you choose the perfect solution for your home.

To discover more, find your local expert today at shuttercra­, or call 03304 004 144.

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