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Transform your home office with natural light

Poodle & Blonde team up with VELUX to create paper to brighten WFH spaces


Natural light can transform a room; make it brighter, more welcoming and comfortabl­e. But it goes deeper than that – sunlight pouring in can lift your mood, give you more energy and help you focus.

Creating a space that’s a pleasure to be in but also somewhere you can concentrat­e has become crucial as we embrace a new work flexibilit­y, with the option to WFH when we need to. Because of this, turning makeshift work spaces into something more business-like – and also stylish – has become paramount.

Make the perfect Home office:

1. Choose a desk with ample room for a laptop and possibly a monitor, plus a comfortabl­e chair that supports your back, neck and arms. Smart storage solutions will keep your space – and mind – free of clutter.

2. A source of natural light will aid focus, give you a break from artificial light and let you track the working day. If your new office space is in an extension beneath a flat roof or up in the loft beneath a sloped roof, this could be the perfect opportunit­y to install a roof window. They bring in up to three times more light than vertical glazing with a more even distributi­on. VELUX roof windows can be fitted quickly, in around two days, and with little disruption. They are also remarkably affordable, costing from as little as £295 (excluding installati­on).

3. How you decorate the office is also crucial to your working well-being. It might be neutral and stress-free or full of stimulatio­n to spark your creativity.

Understand­ing this has led to a collaborat­ion between VELUX and Poodle & Blonde. The luxury homeware brand has produced Magic Hours; a wallpaper range designed for the home office with a special reflective finish that bounces light around a room, giving the illusion of more space.

‘The print is inspired by movement and light, and how those changes affect our mood throughout the day,’ says Kierra Campbell, one half of Poodle & Blonde. It comes in three colourways, featuring hues of orange, blue and pink. They capture the way natural light changes during the golden hour before dawn, twilight hour before sunset and the blue hour as evening approaches – all chosen to promote productivi­ty and a sense of calm.

To speak to a VELUX daylight advisor about the roof window that’s best suited to your room and needs, go to transformi­ You can also follow @VELUX on Instagram. Find the VELUX and Poodle & Blonde paper at poodleandb­ now.

 ?? ?? Stimulate your productivi­ty with The Magic Hour wallpaper collection from VELUX and Poodle & Blonde
Stimulate your productivi­ty with The Magic Hour wallpaper collection from VELUX and Poodle & Blonde
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