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Kind-hearted Genore Guillory couldn’t resist waifs and strays. As well as housing 25 rescue dogs in kennels at the back of her neat bungalow in Clinton, Louisiana, she befriended the Skipper family, who lived in a trailer home across the street.

They were poor, and Miss Genore, as they called her, often helped them out with money and groceries.

In return, the Skippers – Amy and Phillip and their lodger, John Baillio, 15 – did odd jobs or fed the dogs whenever Genore went away.

But Genore, 42, who lived alone, was no animal-mad recluse. She was attractive and fun, with lots of friends at her work, an insurance company in town, and boyfriends out of it.

On the afternoon of Friday 23 June 2000, the normally unflustere­d Genore started shouting into the phone at work.

Her colleagues exchanged glances. It sounded like Steve Williams again. Why wouldn’t the creep leave her alone?

Genore had gone out with police officer Steve, but, when she found out he was married with a kid, she dumped him.

But, angered, he wouldn’t let her go, pestering Genore for another chance.

‘I’ve had enough for the day,’ she said, storming out.

When she didn’t turn up on Monday, her co-workers called the police. A deputy arrived at Genore’s house and found the side door ajar and one of her dogs tied up.

And a gruesome scene awaited police in the bedroom...

Genore was sprawled on the floor, covered in blood.

She had been beaten with a heavy object, stabbed and shot.

Blood spattered the walls, and there were bullet holes in the windows.

To spare her dad and brother the grim task of identifyin­g her body, her brother-in-law, Elbert, volunteere­d. And he had to stare hard at her shattered face to be sure it was her.

Police believed Genore knew her killer, because there were no signs of forced entry.

First, they talked to Amy and Phillip across the road.

They hadn’t heard a thing, and, sadly, they and Miss Genore had fallen out.

One of her dogs had killed their goat, but she just wouldn’t have it, said Phillip, 41.

‘She told us we weren’t welcome any more.’

Police were happy that Amy had nothing to do with the murder, but asked Phillip and John to take a lie detector test.

Genore’s ex, Steve Williams, also denied the killing. Investigat­ors searched his house and car, but found no weapon, nor any drop of Genore’s blood to link him to her killing, so they had to let him go.

Phillip and John, meanwhile, passed their tests.

The trail went cold…

But, a year after the murder, police got a tip-off that a friend of Phillip Skipper, called Donny Fisher, had informatio­n.

Donny wouldn’t speak at first, but Det Don Mckey showed him photos of Genore’s battered body.

‘This woman did not deserve this,’ he said.

Donny silently nodded.

He told them John and Phillip, Phillip’s sister, Lisa, 39, and her husband, Johnny Hoyt, 40, had carried out the murder.

He described how one held Genore’s dog back while another swung a baseball bat at her, knocking her teeth out.

Then they ‘cut her up, shot her...’ Donny said.

The four admitted nothing… until teen John Baillio broke.

It had been an initiation for him into The Brotherhoo­d, a white supremacis­t group.

It seemed that the Skippers had pretended to like Genore while she gave them things, though secretly hating her for being black.

She’d named them as beneficiar­ies in her life insurance policy and, keen to cash in before she cancelled it after their row, they killed her.

Over a series of trials in 2004 and 2005, Phillip and John were convicted of murder, as was Johnny.

Phillip and Johnny got life sentences but, as John Baillio was a juvenile, he could be released when he reached 21.

Lisa, meanwhile, was caged for 25 years for manslaught­er.

Genore’s brother-in-law, Elbert, spat in contempt after the verdicts were given.

‘It’s a dumb dog that bites the hand that feeds it, and Phillip Skipper is an absolute animal. I hope he burns in the hottest part of hell.’

 ?? Y E L W A R C N A I L I G ?? Genore was popular and well liked Johnny Guilty: Hoyt and his wife, Lisa Monst ers: John Baillio and Phillip Skippe r
Y E L W A R C N A I L I G Genore was popular and well liked Johnny Guilty: Hoyt and his wife, Lisa Monst ers: John Baillio and Phillip Skippe r

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