Mum to mum

Carly’s de­mand­ing tot is milk­ing meal­times for all they’re worth…

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While my baby girl gig­gled in her Jumperoo bouncer, I sped around the kitchen, chop­ping and peel­ing fruit and veg.

‘This is a car­rot,’ I purred to eight-month-old Ava, hold­ing up the knob­bly stick.

Stretch­ing out her minia­ture hands, Ava’s tiny blue eyes fol­lowed me around the room, and she licked her lips.

‘This is en­cour­ag­ing,’ I smiled. ‘You only man­aged a few morsels yes­ter­day, and Mummy barely got 40 winks last night.’

She had me up all through the night suck­ling.

It was July this year, and for the past few weeks, I’d been work­ing on wean­ing Ava on to solid foods.

But it wasn’t go­ing as well as I’d hoped.

The prob­lem? For lit­tle Ava, food is no match for the boob.

It wasn’t al­ways like this. When she was born weigh­ing 7lb 11oz, she turned her nose up when I tried to feed her.

‘She won’t latch on,’ I fret­ted to her dad John, 40.

But the mid­wife was amaz­ing.

‘Don’t worry,’ she said, ‘some ba­bies just need a bit of help. If you stay in for one more night, I bet we can get your baby feed­ing for Bri­tain.’

She was right. With a bit of guid­ance and pa­tience, Ava started suck­ing ea­gerly at my breast.

And she’s barely come up for air since!

It’s ex­haust­ing. ‘When she turns six months, we can start in­tro­duc­ing some baby food,’ I yawned to John.

A few weeks later, Ava’s tast­ing menu was ready – a bowl of sticky, gloopy, wa­tery baby rice.

‘Open up,’ I said, guid­ing it to­wards Ava’s mouth.

With that, she licked at the spoon, but crin­kled her nose at the taste.

‘Oh, no, she doesn’t like it,’ I sighed, wip­ing her mouth. My lit­tle girl is se­ri­ously at­tached to my boobs!

‘Don’t be daft,’ John said.

‘I bet all ba­bies do that the first time they try some­thing new. She’ll get used to it.’

But even af­ter a few weeks, she’d only eat a few spoon­fuls.

She gives me a look of dis­dain ev­ery single time – like Paul Hol­ly­wood in­spect­ing a sog­gy­bot­tomed cake!

And there was no sign of her let­ting up on her milk feeds.

Now I’ve got her on three lit­tle meals a day, but noth­ing seems to please her as much as the boob.

I’ve tried lots of dif­fer­ent tastes and flavours, but Ava’s just not that fussed.

While I’m com­forted that milk has all the nu­tri­tion she needs, and she’s con­tin­u­ing to put on weight, I re­ally want to get her to eat more foods.

Is there a way I can en­cour­age her to gob­ble more solids and stop milk­ing me dry?! Carly Hamil­ton, 34, St Austell, Corn­wall


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