Gloves are off

Beat­ing the chill is a bat­tle with Donna’s girl, who hates wool­lies!

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From the kitchen win­dow, I watched my daugh­ter, Fleur, two, stand­ing over a pile of leaves in the gar­den. ‘One, two, three,’ she shouted, be­fore jump­ing into the am­ber­coloured heap.

Who needs ex­pen­sive toys when there’s a stack of crumbly old leaves in the back yard?!

About half an hour later, I called her in for tea.

Fling­ing open the back door, Fleur bounded in, full of en­ergy.

‘I found acorns,’ she cried, grin­ning from ear to ear. ‘Can I go back out af­ter tea to look for more?’

But while the door was open, I no­ticed how chilly it was.

‘I think you should play in­side af­ter din­ner,’ I shiv­ered. ‘It’s re­ally cold out there now, and it’ll be get­ting dark soon.’

‘I prom­ise to wear my hat and coat,’ she begged.

I couldn’t turn my nose up at an of­fer like that!

You see, ever since she was a baby, Fleur has pas­sion­ately hated wear­ing win­ter wool­lies.

Coats, hats, gloves, scarves… you name it.

Even the blus­tery chill of the Beast from the East ear­lier this year didn’t get her to wrap up warm.

She con­tin­u­ally flung off her gloves to make bare-handed snow­balls.

But I’d hoped, since Fleur was a bit older now and I could rea­son with her, that things would be dif­fer­ent.

So, af­ter tea, as promised, I bun­dled her up be­fore let­ting her loose in the twi­light gar­den.

‘Let’s get you all nice and cosy,’ I told her, pulling on her pink Peppa Pig hat and match­ing mit­tens and set­ting her free.

She looked so cute, like a wee snow­man.

But, when she thought I wasn’t look­ing, Fleur tugged at her hat, then her mit­tens.

‘Put them back on, Missy!’ I barked, tap­ping the win­dow.

Within sec­onds, she was throw­ing them off again.

I called her back in. ‘Fleur,’ I grum­bled, rub­bing her tiny, soft hands. ‘You’ll have to come in if you won’t wear your mit­tens.’

Chaos reigned as Fleur begged and stomped to go back out­side. ‘If you wear your hat,’ I said. ‘But it’s itchy and too small,’ she wailed, mis­er­able.

‘Look, it’s get­ting dark now, any­way,’ I said. ‘So why don’t you just play out­side to­mor­row.’ Fleur trun­dled off in a sulk. The next af­ter­noon, we had ex­actly the same bat­tle.

Win­ter is com­ing, and I want to be pre­pared. So, what can I do to keep my tod­dler toasty?

Donna Gray, 38, Billing­ham, Cleve­land


Fleur gets fed up with win­ter lay­ers

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