Small Won­der

Real People - - PUZZLE TRAIL -

Here’s a small but won­der­ful ex­am­ple of the na­tion’s favourite puz­zle. Solve it in the usual way. When com­pleted cor­rectly, the let­ters in the yel­low squares, read­ing top to bot­tom, left to right, will spell out your prize an­swer. See p43 for full en­try de­tails.


1 Car pedal for slow­ing and stop­ping (5) 3 Feather scarf (3) 4 Ex­er­cise that’s good for tummy mus­cles (3-2) 6 Prickly desert plants (5) 7 Man (slang) (3) 8 Type of ke­bab where meat is cooked on skew­ers (5)


1 Fun­da­men­tal (5) 2 Take on for work (6) 3 Build­ing blocks (6) 5 Top of the leg (5)

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