Sky­lar’s BFFS turned out to be Blood­ied Feral Foes...

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Watch­ing her lit­tle girl, Sky­lar, and pal Sheila play­ing with their dolls must have made Mary smile.

Sky­lar, eight, had met Sheila Eddy at pri­mary school in Star City, West Vir­ginia.

Mum Mary Neese knew that her daugh­ter’s play­mate had had a tough life al­ready – a car ac­ci­dent had left her dad brain dam­aged and dis­abled, and her par­ents had split up.

The pair soon be­came thick as thieves, more like sis­ters, re­ally.

But when they moved to high school to­gether in 2010 and met a new pal, Sky­lar learned that two’s com­pany, three’s a crowd.

Rachel Shoaf had mus­cled her way in be­tween the two girls. The three started out as friends, but Rachel com­peted with Sky­lar to be clos­est to Sheila. Lov­ing the at­ten­tion, Sheila played them off against each other.

When they turned 16, Sky­lar, de­feated, de­cided she was never go­ing to be friends with Sheila like she had been when they were lit­tle girls.

About 10pm on 5 July 2012, Sky­lar came home from her part-time job at a burger bar and went to bed. But when her dad, Dave, went to wake her in the morn­ing, her bed hadn’t been slept in.

A bench had been pulled un­der the open win­dow and she’d clearly climbed out of the ground floor room.

He and Mary called the po­lice to re­port their daugh­ter miss­ing.

Mean­while, Sheila had a con­fes­sion to make.

She and Rachel had picked Sky­lar up in Sheila’s car and gone off to­gether, like old times.

They’d dropped her at the top of the road at about mid­night, be­cause Sky­lar didn’t want her par­ents to hear the car. Sheila was dis­traught.

She spoke to Dave and Mary ev­ery day, des­per­ate for up­dates, and helped put up posters.

Tear­ful Rachel said ex­actly the same thing as Sheila.

The po­lice sus­pected they might know more, but had noth­ing to go on.

Then, in De­cem­ber, Rachel had a ner­vous break­down.

She spent a few days in a psy­chi­atric hospi­tal.

Af­ter her dis­charge in Jan­uary 2013, she spoke to her mum and dad and they went to the po­lice. ‘I know where Sky­lar is,’ she said.

She took them to a lonely spot 20 miles away, just across the state bor­der of Penn­syl­va­nia.

It was where they of­ten drove to smoke weed, she said.

Sky­lar’s re­mains were found un­der rocks and branches. She had been stabbed 50 times. Rachel said she and Sheila had de­cided to kill Sky­lar.

When asked why, she shrugged and said, ‘We just didn’t like her any more.’

They’d sent Sky­lar texts to pre­tend they wanted to make up.

In the end, Sky­lar be­lieved them and agreed to sneak out.

Once they reached the spot, they got out of the car to smoke.

‘Damn! I’ve for­got­ten my lighter,’ said Sheila.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Sky­lar. ‘I’ll get mine. It’s in my bag.’

As she turned her back, Sheila and Rachel glanced at each other.

‘One, two, three,’ they chanted and stabbed Sky­lar.

She tried to run, but Rachel tack­led her to the ground.

Sky­lar man­aged to wres­tle her knife from her, but Sheila con­tin­ued stab­bing.

The ground was too rocky to dig a grave, so they cov­ered her up. They cleaned the blood off them­selves with bleach and pa­per tow­els they’d brought es­pe­cially, and de­stroyed their bloody clothes.

Po­lice searched Sheila’s car and found Sky­lar’s blood.

She and Rachel were charged with mur­der.

Sheila de­nied it and tweeted how Sky­lar would al­ways be her best friend.

Sheila and Rachel even­tu­ally pleaded guilty to Sky­lar’s mur­der in 2013, and West Vir­ginia courts tried them as adults.

Rachel re­ceived a sen­tence of be­tween 10 and 30 years for se­cond-de­gree mur­der, while Sheila got 15 years to life for first-de­gree mur­der.

Sky­lar’s par­ents cam­paigned for Sky­lar’s Law, which stated that an am­ber alert must be is­sued for ev­ery miss­ing child to give the best chance of find­ing them.

‘Sheila was like a part of our fam­ily,’ Dave said.

‘She and Rachel are both sickos, and they’re both ex­actly where they need to be: away from civil­i­sa­tion, locked up like an­i­mals.

‘Be­cause that’s what they are, they’re an­i­mals.’

Sky­lar met her ‘best friend’ at pri­mary school in Star City Sky­lar (cen­tre) thought Rachel (left) and Sheila wanted to be friends again… Sheila ini­tially de­nied mur­der... ... But Rachel con­fessed to po­lice The Real Life Heathers episode of I Killed My BFF is on Satur­day 19 Jan­uary at 9pm.

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