Plum, blackberry and bay friand bake

Make the bat­ter a day be­fore to get ahead and keep in the fridge. The fruit can be played around with, too, de­pend­ing on the sea­son.

Red - - Living - Recipes taken from Ot­tolenghi Sim­ple by Yo­tam Ot­tolenghi and Tara Wigley (Ebury Press, £25)

Serves 6, gen­er­ously Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min­utes, plus stand­ing Cook­ing time: 40 min­utes

200g black­ber­ries

4 ripe plums, stones re­moved, cut into 1cm-wide wedges (360g) 1tsp vanilla ex­tract

60g caster sugar

3 fresh bay leaves

1tsp ground cinnamon 60g plain flour

200g ic­ing sugar, sifted 120g ground al­monds 150g egg whites

(from 4-5 large eggs) 180g un­salted but­ter, melted and slightly cooled

1 Place black­ber­ries and plums in a bowl with the vanilla ex­tract, sugar, bay leaves and 1/2tsp cinnamon. Set aside for 30min. Don’t be tempted to leave them

sit­ting around for longer, as the fruit will be­come too juicy.

2 Pre­heat the oven to 210°C (190°C fan) mark 5.

3 Mix flour, ic­ing sugar, al­monds, re­main­ing 1/2tsp cinnamon and 1/8tsp salt in a sep­a­rate large bowl. Set aside.

4 Lightly whisk the egg whites for 30sec, so they start to froth. Stir into the flour mix­ture, along with the but­ter, un­til com­bined.

5 Tip the bat­ter into a 20x30cm parch­ment-lined bak­ing dish and top with the fruit and juices. Bake for 40min, cov­er­ing the dish with foil for the fi­nal 10min, un­til the bat­ter is golden brown and the fruit is bub­bling. Set aside for 10min be­fore serv­ing.

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