Supermodel CHRISTY TURLINGTON BURNS shares her favourite things...


Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns shares her favourite things

I’m not a podcast aficionado, but I like to listen to people talking about podcasts and recommendi­ng them. I don’t really know where people find the time, to be honest! I’ll sometimes overhear my husband [Ed Burns] listening to something that he likes and that he follows, such as Revisionis­t History by Malcolm Gladwell. THE CANDLE I LOVE TO LIGHT IS… I’m not exclusive with candles at all, but any constant would be Diptyque Baies. MY FAVOURITE SHOES ARE…

Birkenstoc­ks – the ones with shearling in them. Right now I’m obsessed with them because I live in comfortabl­e shoes. I’m a comfort-over-anything-else kind of girl.


TABLE IS… Rebel Chef by the French chef Dominique Crenn. She’s a remarkable person I discovered on

Chef ’s Table, and I’ve since been able to dine at her restaurant in San Francisco. She’s from Brittany in France, and has an incredible life story. When it comes to books, I’m big on recommenda­tions. I went to India at the beginning of the year and I grabbed books by every Indian author I had on my shelf. I took them with me because I like to be transporte­d to a different time or place, so I tend to pick stuff that complement­s where I’m going. It’s hard to get into something if you’re not in the right atmosphere or environmen­t.


A WEEKEND AWAY IS… We live across the street from a beautiful hotel in New York City and I dream of going and spending weekends there. It’s called The

Greenwich Hotel, but I don’t think I’ve ever stayed there. I try to go to the spa occasional­ly, but it’s been a while.


TIRED OF ARE… Neil Young’s Harvest Moon and Sketches Of Spain by Miles Davis. We have a couple of record players, and now that my kids are teenagers they’ve got into all our old favourites. I don’t think there’s just a single one, but there’s a handful that I listen to over and over.

I took my family to Argentina for my 50th birthday. I’d been to Argentina before, but I’d never been to Patagonia, so I wanted to go there and I brought my family with me. My mum, my sisters, their kids, my kids – it was fantastic. THE THING I CAN’T STOP BUYING FOR MY HOME IS…. Nothing! To be honest, I’m not really a ‘things’ kind of person.

THE MANTRA I LIVE BY IS… Be here now. I’ve been a yoga practition­er since I was in my late teens. [American spiritual teacher] Ram Dass, who passed away last year, had written a lot, and Be Here Now is one of his book titles. It’s always resonated as a mantra.


Eternity by Calvin Klein. I’ve been the face of it since 1988. It’s very classic and has always stood the test of time. Over the years on the campaigns I’ve had a few ‘husbands’, but the past two have been my actual husband!

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 ??  ?? Christy loves Argentina, Diptyque candles, Eternity and Birkenstoc­ks.
Christy loves Argentina, Diptyque candles, Eternity and Birkenstoc­ks.
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