Metal Gear Solid

A stealth hit

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Drew in­fil­trates this of­ten-for­got­ten in­stal­ment in the Metal Gear saga

» Game Boy Color » 2000 » Kon­ami i feel the Game Boy Color’s li­brary gets over­looked a bit. There were some ab­so­lute dross on it, sure – I had copies of Robot Wars and The Grinch, both of which could be classed as crimes against hu­man­ity in today’s land­scape – but there were also ex­cel­lent games, like Metal Gear Solid.

This is named Ghost Ba­bel in the US, and it serves as an al­ter­nate se­quel to the MSX Metal Gear. That said, it does bor­row a hell of a lot of stuff from the Playsta­tion Metal Gear Solid – Mei Ling, try­ing to iden­tify a fe­male soldier dis­guised as male, us­ing smoke to find trip lasers and much more.

This makes it as kind of the ul­ti­mate Metal Gear game. It ex­ists in a strange mid­dle ground, bridg­ing the top-down de­sign of the orig­i­nals and cross­ing it with tropes from the Playsta­tion games and be­yond. It pleases ev­ery­one. Of course, Kon­ami la­belled it as non-canon in its non­sen­si­cal time­line, and the com­pany has kind of swept it un­der the rug. And that’s a shame, be­cause the GBC Metal Gear Solid is a first­class game. Ev­ery­thing about it is great, from sneak­ing to the story.

So, Kon­ami, what do you say? It can’t ex­actly be he hard to pull those mad­den­ing story strings to le­git­imise it. Look, I can help: it ex­ists in an al­ter­nate time­line which con­verges with the prime one, per­haps? Par­al­lel Uni­verses? It was all the work of The Pa­tri­ots, Ocelot even? …Wait, who are those peo­ple in suits? What do you mean, ‘I know too much’!? You can’t do this to me! Hel-

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