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Ja­son Kelk is on the prowl for Home­brew hap­pen­ings

The most re­cent Global Game Jam – where de­vel­op­ers are given a theme and mere days to cre­ate some­thing – took place at the start of 2018 and there were hun­dreds of gath­er­ings or­gan­ised to take place dur­ing the event it­self as peo­ple came to­gether to cre­ate and so­cialise. Al­though the ma­jor­ity of en­tries were writ­ten with cur­rent-gen­er­a­tion hard­ware in mind, pretty much any­thing goes in­clud­ing board games and baked goods.

There were ti­tles de­signed for un­usual hard­ware so the Tiny Ar­cade – an Ar­duino-based games sys­tem – re­ceived the im­pres­sive-look­ing

Killing The Mes­sen­ger, Ocu­lus Rift own­ers with Ocu­lus Touch can have a blast at Cy­ber Wave and Trans­mis­sion: De­fence was writ­ten around the au­thor’s cus­tom-built Blue­tooth con­troller. We were sur­prised to see an at­tempted al­ter­nate re­al­ity game – where in-game events bleed over into the real world – which the devel­oper claims is “based on light trans­mis­sion and am­pli­fied tools” called Where Is My Girl?, and Oszipong is a vari­ant on the ven­er­a­ble bat and ball game which runs on an os­cil­lo­scope and Teensy mi­cro­con­troller.

There was a healthy dose of satire through­out; both Bad Blood and Vaxx Chal­lenge are board games, with play­ers of the for­mer tak­ing the role of com­pa­nies vy­ing to pri­va­tise the

NHS and the lat­ter ex­plain­ing how vac­ci­na­tions and herd im­mu­nity work. The web-based Fake News – The Game is a Cards Against Hu­man­ity style af­fair where the aim is to make the oth­ers laugh with funny news head­lines and Prime Tar­get sees an Ama­zon de­liv­ery drone’s GPS fail, send­ing it head­long into an enemy war zone.

8-bit com­put­ers and con­soles fared well from the game jam. For The Gal­axy on the Game Boy sees the player search­ing the quad­rant for enemy trans­mis­sions and try­ing to dis­able them. The VIC 20’s Dr Ul­tra is a med­i­cal sim­u­la­tion of sorts where the player uses pad­dles to con­trol a pow­er­ful ul­tra­sonic laser to cut kid­ney stones out of their pa­tients – this one comes with a ver­sion of Snake which was thrown to­gether in a spare hour, just be­cause the pro­gram­mer could – and fi­nally we have to men­tion one ti­tle on the C64 where the goal is to de­liver mes­sages by train for no other rea­son than the ap­palling pun ti­tle of Trains­mis­sion.

Due to the small timescale, there are quite a few en­tries which should re­ally be con­sid­ered as pre­views rather than com­plete ti­tles but ev­ery­thing shown off can be found be­hind the link, Kik­start.eu/global-jam-2018.

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