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» Plat­form: com­modore 64 » Devel­oper: Karl hör­nell » Down­load: Kik­­blox-plus-c64 » PRICE: free

Pixel Pete is a penguin in search of coins that have be­come frozen in blocks of ice, and in order to gather all of them within each stage, he’ll have to crush the huge cubes be­tween him­self and other ob­jects on the screen. There are also fiery en­e­mies which pa­trol the level and want to fraz­zle poor Pete, but these can also be crushed by a heartily shoved ice block and some good tim­ing; the nas­ties ac­tive on each stage are shown be­fore it starts and any that are squashed will respawn soon af­ter­wards.

Ice­blox Plus is a charm­ing ac­tion game with cheer­ful graph­ics and sound, but it’s also quite chal­leng­ing when things get go­ing. Wad­dling hur­riedly around while try­ing to clear each stage as quickly as pos­si­ble works as a strat­egy, but as play­ers gain ex­pe­ri­ence they can also con­sider be­ing more me­thod­i­cal in their ice push­ing and play for score.

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