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space in­vaders

■ This trans­la­tion of the mon­u­men­tally pop­u­lar ar­cade game was in­stru­men­tal in re­sus­ci­tat­ing the strug­gling Atari 2600 in 1980, turn­ing this timely port into the industry’s very first killer app. Space In­vaders at home was a strong port of the orig­i­nal that made Atari’s first home con­sole a huge suc­cess.


■ While this port has been ma­ligned in some cir­cles for its sim­pli­fied game de­sign, pro­gram­mer Bob Po­laro did a yeo­man’s work in rein­ter­pret­ing the com­plex ar­cade con­trols for the Atari 2600’s sin­gle­but­ton joy­stick. While it’s not as dif­fi­cult as its ar­cade pre­de­ces­sor, it cap­tures the orig­i­nal’s essence well.

mis­sile com­mand

■ Atari’s apoc­a­lyp­tic ar­cade game was trans­lated beau­ti­fully for the Atari 2600, de­spite cut­ting some of its bells and whis­tles. It re­moves the fi­nal, haunt­ing mush­room cloud and omi­nous ‘The End’ ti­tles of the game’s fi­nale, but oth­er­wise cap­tures the zeit­geist from the orig­i­nal Cold War-era clas­sic.

Jun­gle hunt

■ This vine-swing­ing ad­ven­ture game stacks up well, even to an­other jun­gle-themed clas­sic such as Pit­fall!. Jun­gle Hunt on the Atari 2600 tightly re­pro­duces the four unique game screens of the ar­cade orig­i­nal in a way Atari’s home con­sole can han­dle, even with the in­clu­sion of some sub­tle par­al­lax scrolling.

crys­tal cas­tles

■ The eye-pop­ping iso­met­ric maze graph­ics and an­i­ma­tion of the ar­cade game are miss­ing, but the game plays well even in its slimmed-down ver­sion. The mazes are unique and the game plays fast and fun, es­pe­cially if you can repli­cate the ar­cade feel with the con­sole’s sep­a­rate Trak-ball con­troller.

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