Five home­brew ver­sions

The best from the new wave of Pac-man con­ver­sions

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Pac-man 4k ■

Pro­gram­mer Den­nis De­bro sought to cre­ate a ver­sion of Pac-man for the Atari 2600 that was more faith­ful to the ar­cade game while still re­main­ing within the same 4K mem­ory limit as Tod Frye’s orig­i­nal game. The re­sults are noth­ing short of im­pres­sive.

8k Pac-man ■

Daniel _____ (DINTAR816) took 2600 Pac-man one step fur­ther and de­signed a Pac-man game that utilises 8K of ROM and in­cludes all the bells and whis­tles of the orig­i­nal ar­cade game, like an­i­mated cutscenes, im­proved sound and in­cred­i­bly faith­ful ghost AI.

Pac-man col­lec­tion For cole­co­v­i­sion ■

A ver­sion of Pac-man was planned for the Cole­co­v­i­sion, but was never com­pleted. Ed­uardo Mello of Op­code Games took it upon him­self to rem­edy that with the home­brew Pac-man Col­lec­tion con­tain­ing ver­sions of Pac-man, Ms Pac­man and an­other hid­den game.

Jr Pac-man For atari 7800 ■

The side-scrolling mazes of this over­looked Pac-man se­quel are chal­leng­ing on any plat­form, and Bob De­crescenzo brings a faith­ful ren­di­tion of the game to the Atari 7800 with a va­ri­ety of player-friendly dif­fi­culty set­tings.

crazy otto For 7800 home­brew Pac-man ■

Crazy Otto was an un­li­censed en­hance­ment kit for Pac-man ar­cade ma­chines de­vel­oped by Gen­eral Com­puter Cor­po­ra­tion. GCC worked with Pac-man li­censee Mid­way to turn the game into the beloved se­quel,

Ms Pac-man. Pro­gram­mer Bob De­crescenzo hacked Atari’s 7800 Ms Pac-man game to bet­ter match GCC’S orig­i­nal game.

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