Five To Play

Our picks from Gregg’s gameog­ra­phy


Bat­tle­toads AR­CADE

While the NES orig­i­nal is no­to­ri­ous, we tend to pre­fer this ar­cade out­ing, which was one of the sur­prise highlights of the xbox one com­pi­la­tion Rare Re­play. big, colour­ful sprites and ridicu­lously over-the-top at­tacks are the order of the day in this beat-’em-up.

don­key Kong Coun­try SNES

It was as­ton­ish­ing to look at back in 1994, but Don­key Kong Coun­try is more than just a pretty face. With var­ied stages, lots of se­crets to find and an ac­ces­si­ble level of chal­lenge, there’s a rea­son this plat­form game re­mains an ever­green sta­ple of many retro col­lec­tions.

Banjo-ka­zooie N64

See­ing Su­per Mario 64 run­ning made Gregg and the Dream team scrap their 2.5D plat­former. What they came back with was a game that was built to out­per­form Nin­tendo’s clas­sic, fea­tur­ing more vis­ual de­tail, more moves, more rhyming di­a­logue and many more items to col­lect.

Grabbed By The Ghoulies xbox

Some­times, there’s noth­ing bet­ter than walk­ing into a room, beat­ing up a bunch of bad dudes, and then leav­ing. If that ap­peals to you, Grabbed By The Ghoulies is a game you should track down. It’s not a ride that’ll last ages but you’ll have a good time while you’re on it.

viva Piñata xbox 360

If you think the xbox 360 gen­er­a­tion was all about bald doughy space marines with big guns, we’d im­plore you to check out this cute and colour­ful sim­u­la­tion. Tend your gar­den, breed dozens of types of pinata, and fend off the evil Ruf­fi­ans. A real early high­light for the sys­tem.

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