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The things you didn’t know orig­i­nated in Sonic’s 8-bit out­ings


Pin­ball Flip­pers

While ev­ery­one re­mem­bers Casino Night Zone on the 16-bit ver­sion of

Sonic The Hedge­hog 2 for its pin­ball el­e­ments, fairly few know that the 8-bit ver­sion of Sonic The Hedge­hog was in fact the first game in the se­ries to ac­tu­ally in­clude them – they ap­peared ex­clu­sively in the game’s later spe­cial stages. Sonic cd’s Theme Song Go back to Sonic The Hedge­hog 2 and lis­ten closely to Green Hills Zone’s theme, and you may just recog­nise it as a ren­di­tion of Sonic CD’S open­ing theme, You Can Do Any­thing. Mecha Green Hill Zone in Sonic Chaos runs it back, us­ing a remixed ver­sion of the tune. Tails That’s right – as Sonic The

Hedge­hog 2 ar­rived on 8-bit plat­forms be­fore the 16-bit out­ing could hit the shelves, the game served as the de­but of Sonic’s vulpine side­kick. He wasn’t playable in this out­ing, but when Mas­ter Sys­tem own­ers fi­nally got to con­trol him they’d ex­pe­ri­ence an­other first. ex­clu­sive Fi­nal Stage

In the Mega Drive games, own­ers of Sonic 3 who plug their car­tridges into Sonic & Knuck­les can ac­cess the ex­clu­sive fi­nal stage Dooms­day Zone, if they have enough emer­alds. A neat idea – and one which orig­i­nated in Sonic The Hedge­hog 2, with the Crys­tal Egg Zone. Tails’ Flight

While it was pos­si­ble to see Tails fly on the Mega Drive, it was in Sonic

Chaos that play­ers were first able to con­trol Tails while he was in flight. Per­haps for that rea­son, he con­trols a lit­tle dif­fer­ently to usual – you need to press up and jump to lift off, and Tails can hover with­out the player’s in­put. Give it a try.

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