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There’s some sim­ple, sin­gle-screen ac­tion in Great Green Ad­ven­ture for the Atari 8-bit but, de­spite play­ers hav­ing over two hun­dred lives and no time limit to worry about, this game is se­ri­ously hard; touch­ing a sin­gle pixel of the back­ground is fa­tal and sends the green blob back to the start of the stage. Brave ad­ven­tur­ers who don’t mind some frus­tra­tion can start their quest be­hind Kik­

Yvar de Gof­fau has some his­tory cod­ing for the Atari 2600 but re­cently de­cided to see what chal­lenges the orig­i­nal Game Boy could of­fer. Since he couldn’t find what he con­sid­ered to be a de­cent im­ple­men­ta­tion of Snake – with de­cent enough graph­ics, smooth move­ment and mul­ti­ple stages – he set­tled on that as a first project. Kik­ slith­ers over to the ap­pro­pri­ate thread at the Nes­dev fo­rums.

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